“Never knowingly over-rehearsed”

St James Players are members and friends of St James Church, Taunton. We enjoy using drama to bring a smile to the faces of our audiences, to enjoy friendship together and to raise funds for organisations in our community. As a group we have been in existence since 2008 when one of our church members had a vision for a full-scale pantomime and brought together a group of people of faith with an interest in fun, fellowship and fundraising. Over the past 14 years we have worked together to produce six biennial pantomimes, three murder mysteries, a passion play and four online presentations during Covid which can be viewed on the church YouTube page – links at the bottom of this page.

Coming Soon!

Visitors to a small Bethlehem hotel seem to have come to the wrong place. But what has brought them there anyway? And who is the ‘hotel inspector’ really working for? What are they all looking for and what effect does it have on them when they find it…?
Confusion, laughs and songs abound in this sideways look at the events surrounding a blinding light and a new birth.

Over the years we have raised over £10,000 for local organisations.

In March 2022 we were able to perform our first live production for 2 years with a murder mystery (with food included) raising money for a local charity.


Our membership is open, and embraces people with a variety of interests and talents (not everyone is an upfront type and we need people who can help with technical, catering, costume, publicity and a variety of behind the scenes stuff as well as performance types. If you would like to know more contact Jenny Wakefield, Ruth Crooks or Chris Doyle.

Watch our online videos:

Passioneaster radio play. 58 Minutes. Mar 2021
Postcard from Bethlehem. 23 minutes. Jan 2021
Harvest Food for Thought. 17 minutes. Nov 2020
Lockdown – audio drama. 11 mins. May 2020
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