Church members! Please take note of the guidance in the papers linked from this page.

Safeguarding Policy
Please see the dedicated safeguarding page.

Safe Working Reminders
A two-page annual reminder for our volunteers of the main Health & Safety and Safeguarding topics they need to know.

Risk Assessment Policy and Guidance
A one-page guide on how to do a risk assessment, plus a standard form and an Annex listing extant risk assessments that you might find useful when completing one for your activity. Click here for the form itself in Word (.docx) format.

Health and Safety Policy
This includes Risk Assessments of matters that are common across most of our activities.

Lone Working Guidance
Some common-sense advice on how to prepare for working alone in the church or the office, or when making home visits.

Social Media Policy
Here is an excerpt from the Parish Safeguarding Handbook which is our Social Media Policy.

Complaints and Allegations
If you wish to complain about something, this one-page guide will tell you what to do.

Your Data and How We Look After It
St James Church Data Protection Policy and Privacy Notice.

Supporting Volunteers
This policy sets out what we need to do to look after all our volunteers, recruting them fairly and safely, making sure that they know what is expected of them, are trained appropriately and supported on an ongoing basis.

Registered Charity
This is a link to our entry in the Charity Commission’s register.
Our Registered Charity number is 1130757.

Annual Report
Full information (for the Charity Commission) of the church’s activities for 2022.

Parish Profile
A snapshot of the church in 2017, prepared for the appointment of a new vicar.
Please note that some of the activities described here have not restarted after Covid.

Electoral Roll and Annual Meeting

Here is the application form for the electoral roll.

Here is the agenda and pack of meeting papers for the 2023 Annual Meeting on Tuesday 9 May.

And here is a recording of Fabian’s review in the second half of the 2023 annual meeting:

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