We are hoping to reopen the church for services on Sunday 2nd May but we will still continue with our online services at 10:30am and 7pm on Facebook and YouTube with our Zoom Social at 11:15am.

Jenny Wakefield caught up with Elaine Fenton to talk about how Besom have faired in the last 12 months. Click here to watch

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A cloud of witnesses –  The ‘story-less’ people of the Hebrew Scriptures

In our reading of the Hebrew Scriptures we naturally unpack the stories of prominent people.  We remember the people whose stories are told and re-told.  Thinking of the prominent people of OT, we most probably will come up with names like Abraham, Moses, Joseph, David, Salomon, Isaiah and maybe also people like Jonah, Gideon, Ester, Ruth, Job and Rahab.  But what about the numerous people whose names appear in lists like Numbers 26 or 1 Chronicles 4? What about all those who are part of the stories, but whose names are never mentioned? (eg. the soldiers taking part in battles with King David, the wandering Jews in the desert with Moses, etc.)

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Grab your lego and join us for Lego Church every Sunday at 4pm. There will be a short bible story and then a chance to unlock your creativity with lego, duplo, building blocks to create something inspired by the story. We look forward to seeing you there!

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