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Adventures in Prayer: Burden-bearing

For week 2 of our “Adventures in prayer,” Lyndall Bywater speaks of two type of intercessory prayer: the shoulder prayers and the heart prayers. In Exodus 28, we learn about an item called the Ephod, which the priest wore over his robes. It had two shoulder pieces and a breast-piece. The names of the tribes of Israel were engraved on Onyx stones on the shoulder-pieces and again on a whole array of precious stones on the breast-piece.  The Bible tells us that the priest was to “bear the names of the sons of Israel” on his shoulder and on his heart.  For Lyndall, this speaks profoundly of the ministry of intercession. 

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Grab your lego and join us for Lego Church every Sunday at 4pm. There will be a short bible story and then a chance to unlock your creativity with lego, duplo, building blocks to create something inspired by the story. We look forward to seeing you there!

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