St James Church has links with a wide range of mission partners, both locally and further afield. You can be involved on many levels: taking an interest and praying; supporting financially; or even joining the organisation and serving directly.

Street Pastors Taunton started in 2007 following a period when local churches considered other initiatives that had been started in other parts of the country.

A team of trained volunteers has been recruited from a number of churches in Taunton, including St. James to provide support for young people who may be in need during the night times in the town centre. The teams work with local police, night clubs and have become increasingly respected within the community. They are supported by a prayer team who operate during the night to provide prayer backup. In the centre of town they have a “Safe Space” based outside the Congregational Church which provides hot drinks, flip flops and a safe refuge.

Street pastors have also been used by local town organisations to support other community events at Christmas, Carnival time, the vigil following the M5 crash and provided support following the flooding on the levels. Most recently they have been working with the local community services in one of the estates in Taunton.  

School Pastors started in Taunton around 2016 and work at Pyrland School. They listen to pupils reading, talk to those who have been excuded from lessons, talk to pupils at lunchtime and at the end of the day greet them at the school gate and go with them into the local park if they wish to talk.

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