St James Church has links with a wide range of mission partners, both locally and further afield. You can be involved on many levels: taking an interest and praying; supporting financially; or even joining the organisation and serving directly.

Go to the TT Chaplaincy Website

Also see the monthly “Tell the Church” newsletter about events etc in Taunton churches – a link to the latest edition is on their website.

The aim of the Chaplaincy is to serve the community of Taunton including people and businesses in the town centre, care homes, the workforce of Taunton’s many employers, the homeless and people in Vivary Park. Chaplains provide a friendly, listening ear, and impartial and confidential support through the ups and downs of life.

The people who form Taunton Team Chaplaincy are drawn from churches across Taunton, and are therefore part of the church here. There is a paid lead chaplain who supports the team of 25 volunteer chaplains. More volunteers are always welcome. The Chaplaincy office is at the Market House in the town centre and is open each morning for drop in visits and from where town centre patrols operate.

Each Wednesday at 10am there is a prayer meeting at the office, and on Zoom, for the town and the people who chaplains meet. All are welcome to join us. Chaplains’ placements are usually visited weekly. A chaplain’s main aim is to listen and take an interest in the people they meet and to give comfort, compassion and prayer where needed. Over a period the chaplain will seek to get to know and to be known as a caring friend.

Please see the TTC website for more details:

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